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German Riesling Loosen | Moselle

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At Dr. Loosen, They produce the full range of Riesling styles, from dry to lusciously sweet. Our most distinctive wines are grown in our six Grosse Lage (grand cru) single-vineyard sites.

The vineyards of Dr. Loosen owe their excellent quality to three major factors: the cool climate of the middle Mosel area, the mineral-rich slate and volcanic soils, and the extreme age of the estate’s ungrafted Riesling vines. These elements are the building blocks of the unique terroir that enables each vineyard site to produce extraordinary, distinctive wines.

All of Dr. Loosen’s six major vineyards were designated as Erste Lage (equivalent to grand cru) in the 1868 Prussian classification of Mosel vineyards. Undertaken for tax assessment purposes, this classification predates the grand cru system in Burgundy, and was updated by Stuart Pigott and Hugh Johnson in the Wine Atlas of Germany (1995).

We use this historically affirmed classification at Dr. Loosen. Only wines from the six top-rated sites (indicated on the map to the right) are bottled with a single-vineyard designation. All others are labeled simply as estate wines.

Please note: The vineyard classification used at Dr. Loosen is based on historical records, but is an unofficial, internal rating not recognized by German wine law.

vineyard-map Dr Lossen

A detail from the 1868 Prussian vineyard tax assessment map shows the area between the villages of Bernkastel and Erden. The finest, most highly valued vineyards are shown in dark red.


Riesling is one of the few grapes that is capable of producing a complete spectrum of wine styles, from bone dry to lusciously sweet. The key to maintaining top quality throughout this broad range lies in a rigorous selection process. As the harvest progresses, we make daily decisions about each vineyard parcel based on the maturity of the fruit and the prevailing weather conditions. Healthy grapes are painstakingly separated from botrytis-affected fruit, and the various selections are vinified separately.


Upon rediscovering the dry wine tradition of his paternal grandfather, Ernst Loosen has embarked on a quest to revive this style at Dr. Loosen. A harmonious dry Riesling requires rigorous vineyard management; fully ripe, 100-percent healthy fruit (no botrytis); long hang time to allow the flavors to develop and the acidity to soften; and meticulous cellar work. All of our dry Rieslings are fermented and matured in large, neutral oak casks (1,000- or 3,000-liters) using indigenous yeasts and a minimum of 12 months on the lees.


Our traditional wines, with residual sweetness, are selected from the harvest according to their ripeness and flavor development. The finest lots from our classified vineyards are bottled with their corresponding single-vineyard name and ripeness (Prädikat) level. For the non-botrytis wines, there are two Prädikat levels, Kabinett and Spätlese.

Beyond the lightly sweet Kabinett and Spätlese bottlings, made without botrytis, there are three Prädikat levels of botrytis-selection wines that get progressively sweeter: Auslese, Beerenauslese and Trockenbeerenauslese. In addition, when vintage conditions allow it, we produce Eiswein from grapes that have frozen on the vine.

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ROOTS OF OUR WINE What has impressed me most about the great wines of the world — aside from the immense pleasure of drinking them — is the deeply rooted, fiercely held philosophies of the people who create them. The great winemakers I have met invariably possess a clear concept in their minds — before the first grape is picked — of what their wines should be. It’s a vision that places terroir over technology, and grape quality over quantity. Their wines are great because they share a dedication to producing intense, concentrated wines that proudly proclaim their heritage. This is the level of winemaking that we pursue at our two estates: Dr. Loosen on the Mosel and Villa Wolf in the Pfalz. Our goal is to make wines that are delicious to drink and true to their roots. When I drink a Riesling from a grand cru vineyard like Wehlener Sonnenuhr, I want to smell the blue slate soil that nourishes the fruit. I want to taste the depth of the old vines. I want to experience the character of the vintage. I want authenticity; without it, a wine is simply another beverage. Of course, the measure of any great wine is not where it begins, but where it ends — in your glass. I hope you enjoy drinking the wines as much as we have enjoyed making them. sig Ernst Loosen
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Description This cuvee presents a fine aroma of the Traminer grape: delicate scent of roses, lychee and a hint of honey, which can be found on the palate again. The Riesling complements the cuvee with its har- monious acidity and ripe grapefruit nuances that present themselves gently in the finish. The wine received a silver medal at the 2015 Decanter com- petition.
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The white wines

The white wine reflects uniquely the terroir of our vineyard with a refined fruitiness and minerality on the finish. Both single sites “Schloss Proschwitz” and “Kloster Heilig Kreuz” are distinguished by a similar soil structure. Both sites are characterized by a six meter thick loess/loam layer resting on top of granite and syanit rocks. However they differenti- ate remarkably in terms of their disposition and micro climate.

Treating the wines with upmost respect is our highest priority, especially during the maturation process. We try to secure the authenticity by controlling the temperature and fermentation precisely, avoiding consciously the manual manipulation of our wine every year. Our wines strive on their personality and not uniformity.

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VITUS – are premium wines made from Pinot blanc, Pinot gris and Pinot noir. The white wines are fermented and matured in barriques and the red wines are matured in barriques after having completed alcoholic fermentation first. The grapes for these very fine wines come from selected sites belonging to the Weinhaus Heger. The name VITUS refers to Vitus Severin Heger, one of Joachim Heger’s great-uncles who was particularly adventurous. Although he was a success- ful wine merchant at Lake Constance, he got itchy feet in the Thirties and went to seek his fortune in America.

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The Weinhaus Heger Kabinett wines have an additional designation "oktav". This term means premium Kabinett quality. The alcohol content already suggests that this is a more fullbodied wine than is usual for Kabinett wines  an “octave” higher. Under German wine law, which classifies a wine’s quality by its Oechsle content, Oechsle being the measure of the natural sugar content in the grape, it would also have been possible to classify this wine as a Spätlese.

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