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Organic black cabbage cream

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The Company, on the slopes of Pratomagno, in an area of the most beautiful in Tuscany, consists of several parcels of land that develop between 300 and 1300 meters above sea level. This physical situation allows us to obtain a wide range of products. So, we cultivate the Mediterranean species (tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, etc …) to add 300 above sea level, near the vineyards and olive trees, on the plateau of Loro Ciuffenna, while in the mountains collect the berries and chestnuts, as well as much of the fruit that we use for our jams.

While devoting to the cultivation of the earth most of our time, they have chosen to pay particular attention to the processing sector because we think that, currently, people who work have less time to cook dishes that require long and careful workmanship. So, taking advantage of years of experience in the field of organic farming and agro-processing, they made a number of specialties that are, are typical of our region and our mountains, but have one exclusive feature recipes, obtained by combination and by the combination of tastes and flavors that are often forgotten. Each product has its own flavor, its own personality, as followed by us in every phase of production. They believe that the simplicity of the manufacturing methods and quality ingredients make it possible to achieve and maintain the trust and respect of clients.

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Chianti Rufina Cedro | Organic

Wine Name Cedro Chianti Rufina
Vintage 2010
Producer Fattoria Lavacchio
Wine district Pontassieve | Toscana
Wine Classification DOCG
Grapes 90% Sangiovese, 5% Canaiolo nero, 5% Ciliegiolo
Alcohol content 13,5% Vol.
Serving Temperature 16-18 grades
certificato bio
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Pici Pasta | Tuscany

Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina. Allergens: contains cereals containing gluten. Produced in a factory which also processes egg-based, fish-based products, shellfish derived products and soya. From Tuscany, all the flavour of country tradition. The pici are a type of hand-made pasta that are typical in the southern part of Tuscany. It is the simplicity of the recipe and their preparation that makes them so good: water, flour and very little or no eggs, which are then worked by hand until very thick spaghetti is created. Celebrated in many festivals in Tuscany, they are perfect with an arrabbiata sauce, which is called "aglione" in Tuscany, or with sauces made with game. With the Eataly online store, you can taste the tradition of Tuscany directly in your home!
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Chicken Liver pate


Chicken liver (60%), onions (14%), Salina capers (4%), anchovy fillets (2%), Italian extra virgin olive oil (14%), Vin Santo del Chianti doc (2%), salt and pepper.

Essential to complete a good Tuscan antipasto, this pate is to be noted only cooked with chicken livers no other meat. He serves on the croutons wet or dry soup.

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Pasta Morelli Calamari | Tuscany

Pasta Morelli Calamari | Tuscany Ingredients: durum wheat flour, water, wheat germ (3,50%). Weight: 500g In order to produce other articles, the plant also uses: eggs, fish, clams.
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Whole spring white truffles | Tuscany

Whole spring white truffles

Ingredients: White truffle (tuber Biorchii Vitt.), water and salt

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Truffle slicer Savini

Truffle slicer Savini | Silkscreened with SAVINI TARTUFI logo

  • Italian-made stainless steel shaver
  • Adjustable plane for perfect slices
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Wildboar Sauce Bracconiera style

Ingredients: Wild boar meat (38%), organic tomato (28%), onions (7%), carrots (7%), celery (7%), extra virgin olive oil (10%), red wine, garlic, juniper , bay leaf, salt and pepper.

The secret to making a good boar sauce is simple: All you need is an excellent raw material and you’re done. Often we find ourselves in front of recipes where it is recommended to marinate for 3-4 days in the wild boar wine and vinegar. We were wrong. Probably the recipe is suitable for wild boars old but still with this procedure can not improve quality, indeed you may have to throw away the meat because it starts rotting. With a good, young wild boar meat is actually just an infusion of a night in wine, herbs and spices. Excellent with noodles, spaghetti, macaroni, penne..su croutons and polenta.

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Tuscan soup Ribollita | Organic

Organic Ingredients:

Cavolo nero (Tuscan Kale), cabbage, onion, potatoes, carrots, celery, white beans, beets, peeled tomatoes, herbs, spices, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.

 certificato bio


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Trippa | Tripe Florentine Style


Veal tripe (52%), Tuscan organic tomato (32%), red onions (9%), italian extra virgin olive oil(6%), salt and pepper

Is a typical dish of Tuscan cuisinethe stomach of the calfmore precisely of the rumenwhich together with omasum and abomasum (respectively called to Florence centopelli and lampredottoare used in many recipes Florentine.

As tradition dictatesin central Florence, there are still the tripe” in the markets or in special carts stationed in the streets and squarescooking andpreparing daily tripe boiled or even already prepared in different variations, stuffing tasty sandwiches for a meal fast and light (the meat tripe is, in fact, very thin).

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Cantucci Biscuits | Fratelli Lunardi


“We select the Piemonte hazelnut IGP which once toasted is added whole to the chocolate mixture giving the cantucci an irresistible gianduja fragrance.”

This cantuccio hails from the idea of bringing the scent of gianduia to a biscuit. Gianduia is the most famous form of Italian chocolate, a result of Piedmontese genius, having gone in search of a solution when cocoa supplies stopped after the war. Chocolate makers found the answer in the old hazel groves in the hills. We wanted to use those hazelnuts in our product, as there was no other way to recreate that exciting aroma, which is achieved when hazelnut gives some of its intense scent to the cantuccio during baking, combining with the chocolate, used in small pieces as well as in the dough.

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